Meet Team Ponno

Taken at the Best Of Party, July 28, 2023


Hope Prybylski

Store Manager and Buyer

Hope is a visionary thinker – she's always planning new events for the shop and discovering new brands to carry. As the store manager, you'll probably see her in the shop most often – she keeps Ponno running!

In her own words, Hope is an avid reader and beginning gardener, who can usually be found running around the neighborhood. She loves Ravenswood and exploring Chicago. When not at Ponnopozz, Hope is either at her community garden, attending a show with a friend, or working on a project at home. A sometimes performer and forever a Southern hostess, she is always trying to figure out ways to bring the community a little closer. 


Christina Pecce

Former Event Coordinator, now freelance marketer

Many of you remember Christina when she worked weekends at Ponnopozz. She's since moved on to a different role in our neighborhood, but she still helps out when she can. She will always be a part of the team!


•is a cross-over singer (opera, theatre, cabaret, in the band Wicked Drawl)
•has wild child at home (you may have seen the bump last year)
•enjoys cooking, baking, and sharing recipes (food is love baby!)
•makes macrame and embroidery things as The Knotted Diva (@theknotteddiva)


Seth Thomas

Chief Technology Officer 

In addition to being Adrianne's adorable fiancé, Seth is also the reason we have Internet at the store and the reason our devices function most of the time. You'll often catch him bartending at store events or accompanying Adrianne when she participates in a craft show.


Raisin, Naomi, Georgia, Notion

From L to R, top to bottom: The Cats of Ponnopozz
four cats

Seth and Adrianne always joke that these three freeloaders need to "work shifts" at the store in order to contribute to years of rent-free living. But for real, if there's an event at the shop, one of these cats will probably be there.

Fun facts:

  • Raisin drools when she is happy.
  • Naomi is a silver snow bengal.
  • Georgia's meows are barely audible.
  • Notion is Seth's favorite.


We lost Sweet Pea on March 12, 2023. She was a staple in the shop since it opened and she is sorely missed.