Wrappr x Ponnopozz

Early in 2021, I partnered with Wrappr , a Canadian-based and women owned fabric wrapping paper company. Wrappr works with artists each season to create beautiful Furoshiki wraps that can be used over and over to wrap gifts of all sizes. I created a design called Garden that comes in two sizes and colorways (warm and cool). 

Ponnopozz x Wrappr Cool Garden

Ponnopozz x Wrappr Warm Garden

Hand holding a wrapped ice cream bar

Pretty Cool Ice Cream x Ponnopozz

I was downright honored when Pretty Cool Ice Cream asked me to design the packaging for one of their pops. I chose the Passion Fruit Hibiscus pop because I felt my style would compliment the flavor well. If you visit Pretty Cool, check out all the awesome packaging they have, designed by local Chicago artists!

Adrianne holds four colorful candles

Aura Candle Bar x Ponnopozz

I partnered with Aura Candle Bar to craft four scents based on how I think the colors pink, yellow, blue and green smell. I never thought I'd be using my nose to make a Ponnopozz product but wow, this was so fun! If you want to make your own candle, visit Aura sometime, the experience is magical.

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Keewa in the Playground long sleeved tee

Playground Fabric

Playground is the second fabric collaboration I've done with Bergen of Lilla Barn Clothing. I used a bright blue as the focus and layered bold, patterned shapes on top, kinda like a collage. The collection launched in fall of 2020.

Adult Tee / Adult Long Sleeved Tee

Kids Tee


Gloria Swimsuit

I collaborated with Kate of Wulfka for this stunning swimsuit! The fabric design is loosely based on my Gloria art print and is complemented nicely by a bright blue interior. Launched in 2019.


Adrianne and Bergen in Peanuts tops

Peanuts Fabric

Peanuts was my very first fabric collab with Lilla Barn Clothing. The collection was released in 2019 and featured pieces for both adults and kids.

I still have a few baby headbands left!


you are beautiful stickers

YAB Sticker

I was thrilled when You Are Beautiful asked me to design a sticker for their monthly sticker subscription. I borrowed inspiration from the desert for the final sticker. Launched August 2019.