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What does Ponnopozz mean?

Ponnopozz (one word, Pahh-NO-Pahhz) is named after two imaginary friends Adrianne had as a kid – Ponno and Pozzer. She doesn't remember them, but hopes to rekindle her lost childlike creativity through the exploration of art.

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Meet Adrianne

In 2018. Adrianne started painting colorful, abstract works to unwind after an intense corporate job. Through painting, she nurtured her passion for color and discovered joy in bringing people together. Today, Ponnopozz operates not only as Adrianne's art outlet, but as a funky studio/store located in Chicago's Ravenswood neighborhood. Here, you'll find Adrianne's work and the work of many other small and local makers, in addition to local events and workshops. Color is LIFE and Adrianne hopes Ponnopozz will give you a little piece of joy, even if only for a moment.

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