Ponnopozz Animal Crossing Clothes

Ponnopozz Animal Crossing Clothes

Fashion cover

Now, you can dress yourself in Ponnopozz-designed tees fit for only the most fashionable islanders. Wow your villagers with your impeccable style and make Nook green with envy.

Simply scan the QR codes next to each design to load them into your account via the Nintendo Switch app. Watch out, your island may become more popular than you can handle!

(Full directions on how to load the outfits at the bottom of this page).

See the full lookbook

Note: I have never played Animal Crossing. This goofy little project was a fun collaboration between myself and avid AC players Seth, Kim, Nikole and Jeff. THANK YOU.


Peanuts wide

Electric Seth

Electric field


Luna all

Gecko Kim


Parnassus Jeff


The End

This project is a collaboration between friends and is no way affiliated with Nintendo or Animal Crossing New Horizons.


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