How to Pair Ponnopozz Prints

How to Pair Ponnopozz Prints

I get this question all the time – which prints look good together? I thought I'd write a post explaining how I pick print pairs (or trios, or more than that) in hopes that it will help you when choosing prints from me or anyone.

Before I jump in, I want to say two important things. 1) Lead your decisions with whatever YOU like and 2) All of my prints technically "go" together since I made them all so you really can't go wrong when pairing them up.

I use three factors when choosing if prints will go well together and they are composition, color and density.


With that in mind, let's start with my first pairing criteria, composition. How is the piece composed? I have several distinct compositions that have evolved over the years: the puzzle piece style, the foreground to background style, the object style and the free flow style. Here are examples of each:

Puzzle Piece Style // Polly and Claude

Foreground to Background Style // Backyard Yuccas and High Noon

These designs have elements emerging from the bottom of the canvas (foreground) and growing upwards to a mostly clear top area (background).

Object Style // Frankie and Eye Spy

Both of these designs have a central object that is in focus.

Free Flow Style // Mia and Vivienne

A looser style with less obvious plants and many more abstract shapes.


Another way to pair prints is by color. Prints with similar colors can be paired even if their compositions are different. Below are a few examples.

Lots of pink! // Polly and Satsuma

Lots of blue! // The Front Porch and Denise

Lots of yellow! // Backyard Yuccas and Tropicana


My last and final pairing tool is density. How much is going on in the piece? Is it dense and full of detail or more simplistic?

Higher Density // Mia and Denise

Lower Density // Moffett and Claude

Okay so maybe you're feeling overwhelmed at this point. If so, don't stress! Pair up the prints you like even if they don't meet any of my criteria. I'd prefer you to be true to yourself and fill your home with art that you love. The more you follow that mantra, the more your home will be a reflection of you.

Hope this helps! Send me your #PonnoPairs if you got this far, I'd love to share them on my Instagram account! 



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