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Olijé Body Butter

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Olijé Body Care is a black woman owned business operated by Jennifer Hicks. I met Jennifer when she did a pop up at the PonnoPlace this summer! She makes all of the butters by hand and they work wonders for my dry skin. She also offers lots of other body and skin care products on her website, which you should most definitely check out.

Body Butter scents

  • Lavender: Contains oil from fresh lavender flower buds infused with olive oil for two weeks. 
  • Mango: Our body butters are made with organic and all natural ingredients. This one contains mango fragrance oil. Sweet and lovely.
  • African Musk: A woodsy, slightly sweet scent containing African musk oil.
  • Sandalwood: A smooth, rich scent with notes of vanilla, amber and cedar wood.
  • Cucumber Melon: Adrianne's fave! Reminds me of a grown-up version of the classic Bath & Body works scent from my late 90s youth.
  • Lemongrass: Lemon and ginger notes in this classic scent.
  • Jasmine: Just like the flower we all know and love. Floral and light.

Body butters are made by hand by Jennifer Hicks in Chicago, Illinois.