Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles
Edgewater Candles

Jar Candles by Edgewater Candles

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Edgewater's 12oz soy candles are hand poured in small batches, and burn for approximately 75 hours.

Mark Towns & Stephen Pearlman have always been makers. So when they came across some wax for practically nothing, it seemed like an opportunity to learn a new skill. But with them, hobbies often look more like obsessions. They quickly found ourselves searching for higher quality ingredients and customizing our fragrance offerings. Just a year later, Edgewater Candles could be found in shops and craft fairs across Chicagoland. 

The Scents:

Ashen Rose

The rose is an international symbol of love. We've matched the iconic rose with complex notes of fine oak barrel aged French cognac and wisps of silver smoke. The result is a dark, smoky floral with unusual depth. 


Birch and Black Pepper

Get gently lured in by the clean, sharp aroma of baked birch. Then surprise your nose with a bright bite of warmth from the King of Spices, black pepper.


Cedar Lavender

Unwind with a breath of French lavender (the lighter, more delicate cousin of the more common English lavender) and the renewing undertone of woodsy cedar.

Fig & Chestnut

Forget the fragrance your mind is showing you right now. Instead, think rich, fresh leafy green Mediterranean fig trees. Then add the slightly sweet, earthy scent of chestnuts roasting on an open fire. Bingo.


Sip the sweetness of juniper berries (the only spice derived from conifer trees) steeped in citrus botanicals, fresh rosemary and crisp cedar bark. It’s a perfect cocktail of aromas to give your room a splash of freshness.

Oakmoss & Amber

Ground yourself in a dewy, welcoming, fresh forest of rich oakmoss. Then add the warmth of amber tree resin for a complexly smooth, earthy fragrance that lingers in the air in the best way possible.


Orange Rhubarb

A splash of sunshine in a lush green garden. Brighten your day with notes of juicy citrus, earthy geranium, and refreshing rhubarb.

Orchid Neroli

Two very distinct blossoms create a wonderfully unpredictable combination in this richly seductive fragrance. The neroli blossom of the orange tree—with their honeyed citrus scent takes an unexpected role as the base note when paired with delicate floral blossoming orchids.

Persian Oud ***Adrianne's favorite!***

This fragrance is the culmination of thousands of years as the most sought-after fragrance in the world, dynasties at the hands of royalty, and nine months of pursuit in our own studio. Finally, the “Wood of the Gods” is ready for you. One breath of this careful combination of balsamic resin of Agarwood, smoky incense from its bark, and fertile earth surrounding its roots and you’ll realize it was worth the wait.

Red Ginger Saffron

Energize your space with the crisp aroma of bright, spicy red ginger infused with the earthy, buttery scent of saffron. Notes of cardamom, lemongrass, and musky cedar bridge the gaps between the cornerstone scents, creating a well-rounded freshness to tickle your senses.

Rosemary Grapefruit

This fragrance gets its bright burst from the essential oils of perfectly sweet, perfectly bitter grapefruit peels and an entourage of hints of lime and orange. The citrus medley boldly announces its arrival and opens the door for their more subdued, delicate herbal companion, Rosemary, for an unlikely but satisfyingly refreshing combination.


Rosemary Mint

Breathe life into any space with an uplifting trio of eternal optimists—rosemary, peppermint, and spearmint. This garden-fresh fragrance is full of surprises, including the fact that all three are members of the mint family. Which explains why they play so nicely together—the mints complementing the pine in the rosemary and the rosemary calming the enthusiasm of the mints.


Tobacco Tonka

Straddling the line between dry woods and aromatic, this fragrance conjures up notes of sandalwood, tonic, and citrus. It will fill your space with clean and soothing intentions.


Tomato Leaf

If sunshine had a smell, this would be it. Inhale gently rubbed tomato leaves, fresh off the vine. The airy aroma of luscious green garden goodness with subtle moss and a hint of citrusy bergamot brings a splash of summer to any season.



Close your eyes and take a journey through the crisp night air to seek refuge by a roaring fire. Smell everything from the burning woods—sharp cedar, smoky hickory, and sweet balsam—to the spicy glowing embers to the curls of smoke climbing through the air. Before breaking into Kumbaya, open your eyes—if just for a second—for a quick reality check and the realization you’re still inside, cozied up to a flickering candle.


Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Windswept sea salt from untamed shorelines dance with perennial ancient wood sage for a fresh yet musky, rugged yet luxurious coastal breeze. It’s a breath of fresh air centuries in the making.