Happy Breakfast Tee
Happy Breakfast Tee

Happy Breakfast Tee

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Nothing shouts old time fave like a ringer tee! I have this tee and love it!

  • Custom dyed to match thick rib for ultimate color pop!
  • Super soft light grey base tee with allover print and contrast rib. True to size.
  • Made in Los Angeles, CA

Mokuyobi or 木曜日 (もくようび) means Thursday in Japanese. To us, Thursday is the best day of the week. We believe that there is always something to look forward to. Whether it’s Thursday, your buddy‘s party, vacation time, or a hot date; that there are always good things coming that spark excitement. We strive to create that same spark in you when your Mokuyobi package arrives.

We are based in Los Angeles, CA and all of our products are made in the USA. With our products we are giving a shout out to anyone who loves to stand out and wear their Mokuyobi product as a proud badge of their own individuality, whatever that means to them. We call these individuals the Super Beings of Earth.