Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
Brew Tea Co.

Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea

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A fragrant and citrussy tea to keep you refreshed all day. Ceylon black tea with bergamot oil, orange peel and calendula petals. Our Earl Grey Loose Leaf tastes less like hot perfume, and more like proper tea. No flavor granules. No dust. Just rolled, whole leaves.

About This Blend: Sri Lankan Ceylon. Bergamot Oil. Orange Peel. Calendula Petals. We always buy the most recent harvest here at Tea HQ for the freshest tea. It's got a 2 year shelf life once it gets to you - but don't worry, you'll have drunk it by then.

Tasting Notes: Light, Fragrant, Citrusy

Brew Tea Co. (Manchester, U.K.) : Our tea is made from the freshest rolled whole leaves- two leaves and a bud from the top of the tea plant, gently rolled and dried. The result is a much better tea and a richer, tastier cup. But good tea alone isn't enough; we believe in using business as a force for good. We carefully manage our impact from leaf to pot through traceable, transparent tea sourcing and plastic-free packaging.