The Lady Earring
The Lady Earring
Vintage Royalty

The Lady Earring

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“I do but keep the peace: put up thy sword,
Or manage it to part these men with me.” -Benvolio

Our Lady of Guadalupe, a historic religious symbol deriving from Mexico, is the focus of this piece. Adding some 90s nostalgia, we created a shrine for our Lady to settle inside of.

Size: 4” L 1.5” W

Made of: brass, gold plated metal, acrylic, stainless steel post

Medium Weight, a lot of movement while wearing.

                          Since 2008, Vintage Royalty has been creating an idea of individuality. The idea that jewelry from our past can strongly inspire the jewelry of the future. The vibe that these pieces give, translates to the wearer. We design for the attitude, the confidence, the statement. Curating your personal style.

                          Vintage Royalty pieces are all handmade in Chicago by Meena Osei-Kuffour.